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Interview with Slinkers


<thefluffyshrimp> Welcome to ASKtheARTIST! Today we will be interviewing the artist behind a number of popular comics and Flash animations on deviantART, Slinkers.

<thefluffyshrimp> Firstly, I want to begin by thanking you Slinkers for agreeing to do an interview with us at such a late hour.

<Slinkers> No problemo! :)

<thefluffyshrimp> *Unadzuki asks "Where do you get your ideas?"

<Slinkers> Arrrgh a hard question to start with! Hard because I can't really explain where I get them. I'm assuming it's from day to day life, but I don't actually get the ideas until I sit down in front of my computer with a master plan to make an animation/comic. I sit there, decide what I feel like drawing... then I make the idea up as I go along. This doesn't always work, and I often waste hours on duff ideas. But then I get a good one and make it!

<thefluffyshrimp> ~VioletLobo asks "When you first started did it ever occur to you that you might be this popular?"

<Slinkers> Not at all. I started on DA randomly because I was jealous of my little sister's art. She is a much better artist than me, so I expected her to do well. Somehow it went the other way, mainly because I made fan based deviations. I never took it seriously until people started watching me!

<thefluffyshrimp> *GrappleMace asks "What breed of cat do you prefer?"

<Slinkers> The black, fluffy and addicted to catnip kind.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~CheesyHug123 asks "What is your favorite color?"

<Slinkers> Boring answer but grey is my favourite colour. I have no idea why, but I think it looks excellent!

<thefluffyshrimp> *Unadzuki asks "How do you animate so smoothly and what program do you use?"

<Slinkers> First of all, I wouldn't describe my animation as smooth!!! I had no training, totally self taught. I have no idea how to do very smooth animation. I always think my animations look like solid drawings that I have bribed to move with monies and chocolate! They do it reluctantly! I use the ancient Macromedia Flash MX - which is about the oldest version of flash you can get. I can't afford to get the newer versions at this time, but as soon as I have the cash I will invest in a decent programme.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~psychmaster asks "Tell us about the Slinkers family!"

<Slinkers> The Slinkers family is made up of 4 Slinky beings. There is Mummy-Slinkers ~otterwen, Kate-Slinkers ~ScampiCub and Jessica-Slinkers ~aofie-fionn. I am the eldest Slinkers, Kate is the middle one and Jess is the baby. Then there is a new addition to the Slinky family, a kitten! Name not known yet, we only got him the other day. I'll stick a pic on DA at some point.

<thefluffyshrimp> *Jessie04104 asks "Do you have any non-art hobbies?":P

<Slinkers> Other than my policey-work which I do in my spare time, I go on epic, epic walks when I'm free. I listen to music and audiobooks. I loves doing that.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~Normanette asks "What kind of studies did you do? Art-related? Or something totally different?"

<Slinkers> I did English Language and Linguistic studies, got a degree in it. I've always said this but I am more of a writer than an artist. When I make a comic/animation, my absolute favourite bit is the scripting. I have never been very good at art in an educational way. I got told of at High School for "drawing too weird" - the words of Mr. Newns!

<Slinkers> Mr. Newns got sacked by the way. Not for calling me weird but for being a shite teacher. It is important that you know this. >:(

<thefluffyshrimp> ~VioletLobo asks "What made you begin (creating artwork) in the first place?"

<Slinkers> Jessica. The little fiend was better at art than me and I could not allow it to continue. She joined DeviantART and I joined, telling her that I would get more pageviews. (Mature 16yr old Slinkers.)

<Slinkers> Then when I joined I saw people like *SilentReaper, *Go-Devil-Dante and *LazyMuFFin and became inspired to actually put effort into it!

<Slinkers> Also it was *Go-Devil-Dante that made me start with animations; her stuff is absolutely hilarious.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~Melancholy-Minds asks "You have one of those immediately recognizable styles; how did this unique drawing style come to be and where would you say you drew most of your artistic inspiration from?"

<Slinkers> It came to be because not only am I a bit crap at drawing, I had never used a tablet before. I saw Jessica using one like a pro, so forced myself to learn it. All I could manage was a circle for the head, 2 little circles for eyes and then a line for the mouth. Over time I improved a lot, but the basic structure of my art remained the same. I like the look of bold dark lines and blocks of colour. I am heavily influenced by Tim Burton - I think my characters look very much like Jack Skeleton.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~CantThinkOfAnamelol asks "If someone were to ask if you are Slinkers in real life, how would you reply?"

<Slinkers> I have no idea - I have mentioned this in a journal once before but I was semi put in this position once. At university my friends (who did psychology) met a girl who talked a lot about deviantart. One day she mentioned me, and my friend Alex (who was fully aware that I am a Slinkers) invited her over during a party. Then at the table he brought up Slinkers and this girl started talking about my animations without even knowing I was a Slinkers. I didn't fess up and I feel bad about it. I think I would probably admit to being a Slinkers to someone in real life if I could trust them completely to keep the seekrit. Slinkers are not well liked in my area... :P

<thefluffyshrimp> *Jessie04104 asks "Have you ever considered doing your own animation shorts for a TV series?"

<Slinkers> Yep, BBC Three did ask me to do a few after they had broadcast my BBC introductions for Snog-Marry-Avoid and Freaky Eaters. However, they wanted me to do it for free, and I was a student at the time. There was no way I could commit to it. Also, it's strange but as soon as I am doing an animation for anything other than my own enjoyment, I resent doing it!! I like to feel as though I can do it at my own pace. Pressure from others just makes me eat cucumbers, which does not help my addiction.

<thefluffyshrimp> *FlockofFlamingos asks "Were you always sort of coming up with jokes about movies and such when you were younger? Did someone encourage you to then start making comics with them?"

<Slinkers> I have always liked to twist stuff in my head when I watch it. No matter what it is - book, film, TV series...I crack my own jokes in my head after seeing certain scenes. When I joined DA I noticed a lot of people cracking jokes about Death Note, Harry Potter and other series. I realised DA was full of my kind of people, so that is what I did when I joined.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~Melancholy-Minds asks "If all of the characters whom you regularly feature in your drawings and comics were to engage in an ultimate showdown (i.e. Harry Potter, L Lawliet, Sherlock, Batman, Ducky, etc.) who would emerge bloodied and bruised but victorious?"

<Slinkers> Ducky of course! Ducky is a badass mofo from the Tub-Of-Doom. He destroys all who oppose him...and cackles with Ducky joy as he does it.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~theindigowitch asks "What do you do when you have artist's block, when you're stuck on a drawing or flash animation?"

<Slinkers> I stop and watch some telly-visions!

<Slinkers> That is all... haha

<thefluffyshrimp> ~VioletLobo asks "Any interesting upcoming animations you excited about?"

<Slinkers> I am half way through an animation called "IRREGLIAR" - tis an idea I had when watching a cheesy chick-flick because my slinky sisters refuse to watch ANYHTING other than chick-flicks. It will be up soonish if all goes well! Also the final episode of Ducky is in the making.

<thefluffyshrimp> *Jessie04104 asks "How do you get ideas for characters, are they based on people or your genius?"

<Slinkers> Ducky is based on my sister Kate 100%. She is the nicest person you will ever meet...but get her mad...the ducky appears. Other characters - like the ones in Comic of Consequences were just made up on the spot. I don't think I based them on anyone.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~Darksoul540 asks "What is the origin of the name Slinkers? As in why did you pick the name "Slinkers?""

<Slinkers> If you alter a few of the letters in Slinkers you get my surname.

<thefluffyshrimp> *raptor007 asks "How long do most animations take to complete?"

<Slinkers> HOURS. Like seriously...I make myself ill when I make an animation, because I force myself to make it in one go. I wait until I have over 24hours off then I sit at my computer and just do it. If I were to spread it out, an animation would take weeks. For example, "Contact" took nearly 20 hours to make, in one sitting.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~kaza-dum asks "Are you a fan of any well known and highly popular massive multiplayer online role play games that begin with a "W"?"

<Slinkers> Uhhh...ummm.....well.....perhaps....onlyalittlebit....just a few hours a week.....

<thefluffyshrimp> *FlockofFlamingos asks "Where did you get the idea to sort of do the stilted, characterized way of speaking/typing that you do on-line?"

<Slinkers> I blame Gollum entirely.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~Hawkpath-tail asks "Do you read a lot of books? If so, which are your favorites?"

<Slinkers> I read no books anymore - I read Harry Potter, it was amazering. Then I tried to read other stuff and it wasn't the same. I just re-read my old favourite ones. Reading Hitchhikers Guide again at the moment!

<thefluffyshrimp> *GrappleMace asks "Who's your favorite villain, or your few favorite villains? Heroes?"

<Slinkers> Oh my god, too many to list!!! Sherlock and John from the TV series in the UK are ace. I'm a big fan of Batman. Huge fan. Dark Knight Rises was beyond epic. And I think my absolute favourite villain of all time is the Joker. No one beats him. His madness is addictive! L from Death Note is also one of my favourite hero-ish characters.

<thefluffyshrimp> ~TexasPyro23 asks "When you were first gaining popularity, did you find it weird to have so many fans in so many places?"

<Slinkers> No because I didn't actually see them as people at first!! It was strange, I couldn't see them so I didn't think I had an actual group of "fans" - just saw them as fellow deviants. I found it stranger later on, mainly in the past 2 years. Possibly because I started speaking to some people from DA in person - *thefluffyshrimp came to my house for a week last month and that was madness... cause she was not a pixel person she was REAL! D:

<thefluffyshrimp> ~Hawkpath-tail asks "Have you ever playing Dungeons and Dragons Online?"

<Slinkers> Nevar!

<Slinkers> I only play ones beginning with W...and you should know I am not addicted to the ones beginning with W. I can quit any time.

<thefluffyshrimp> (Actually, my grandfather was a pixel person, so you could say that I am part pixel person. :B)

<thefluffyshrimp> *thefluffyshrimp asks "The London 2012 Olympics just ended! England did very well in the competitions. Were you able to watch much of the games?

<Slinkers> Partially Pixellated should be a species.

<Slinkers> I watched loads of it and I enjoyed it way more than I ever expected to! We did very well, dead pleased and (feels strange saying this) quite proud of our athletes! Usually dont get involved with stuff like this, but it was brilliant.

<thefluffyshrimp> Alright everyone! The official interview with Slinkers is now over!

<thefluffyshrimp> Before Slinkers leaves us tonight, it would like to make a few announcements, and afterwards, it will be joining all you fans in AtAChat for a bit of free one-on-one chatting for a little while.

<thefluffyshrimp> Firstly, I would like to again say thank you, Slinkers, for gracing us with your presence at this very late hour, and for permitting us this chance to interview you.

<thefluffyshrimp> I would like to thank everyone who has joined us for our third official ASKtheARTIST! And a special thank you to our moderators tonight, ~Melancholy-Minds and ~WonderlandTea! :D

<thefluffyshrimp> Just to let everyone know: Our next official interview will be with the very talented and popular artist, `Cataclysm-X next Sunday, August 19th, at 12pm PST (Los Angeles Time).

<thefluffyshrimp> We will also be interviewing the very talented `Endling and `alexiuss the week following.

<thefluffyshrimp> To be notified of our artist interviews and to recommend artists to us, please join or watch our group, #ASKtheARTIST, or follow us on Twitter OR Tumblr (username: askartists) and on Facebook: [link]

<Slinkers> I would like to thank all of the people who continue to support me through my cucumber addiction. I can officially say that I am down from 10 cucumbers a day to only 6. This is a huge step for me, and I appreciate all of the notes I receive from people wishing me well. Can I just ask that you stop sending me postcards with pictures of tasty cucumbers on them. I know you are just trying to make me laugh, but the mere sight of a cucumber dressed in your national flag just makes me want to fly to your country and eat all of your cucumbers... then there would be none left for the rest of you… and I know you don't want that to happen. On that note, thanks for taking part in the interview and for the excellent questions!!! :lol:

<thefluffyshrimp> Thank you again, everyone! And goodnight!
Hello fellers, here is the transcript of my interview with :iconasktheartist:

I was so spaced out when doing that interview, it was gone 3am in the morning by the time I left!! So much fun though and talking in the room afterwards with you all was hilarious!!

The next interview is with :iconendling: on Saturday, August 25th, 2012 @ 5pm (Pacific Time, Los Angeles, USA) [Time Zone Converter Here --> [link] ]

Where: Go Here --> [link] AND [link]
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